Lately the fashion industry has been using more and more delicate fabrics for their collections. Through years of experience and education we are skilled in recognizing those
specific materials. We can therefore apply the correct cleaning method to your delicate items and make them look brand new again.


We wash, starch and iron your shirts. They will be returned on hangers, wrapped in plasic sleeves. This has two advantages.
They take up little room in your wardrobe and they will not wrinkle.


Your ties deserve special care. We remove stains and we clean and iron them by hand. To make your tie last longer we recommend you to untie the knot after every use and store it hanging.


You may be interested in our corporate laundry. We therefor advise you to make an appointment free of engagement with us.
We are open from Monday to Saturday.

Call Claudia van Klaveren, on number 010-4670319 or send an email to

Ask about our business prices / discount

It goes without saying that we also provide services for professional corporations. Among our clients are many prominent hotels in Rotterdam.